What to look for in a VoIP Company

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone services is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. These services offer businesses the ability to connect with clients anywhere in the world at dramatically reduced costs. While VoIP phones are very affordable now, it’s important for companies to invest in the most suitable technology that will fit their needs. The following tips should help you decide what VoIP technology fits your business best.

VoIP Phone Services

The first step is making sure your business can adapt to the latest VoIP technology. Today, there is a large selection of VoIP phones available at an affordable price. With so many choices out there, savvy executives, and IT professionals should research each option before picking the perfect phone system for their company. Some of the most popular VoIP phones include routes, auto attendants, and virtual paging.

Route Calls – Many customers are saying that they love that VoIP technology offers call routing. This is achieved by allowing employees to place calls from anywhere using a dedicated VoIP phone number. For instance, if the customer calls 911 from their home phone, the customer’s phone will ring twice – once using the regular white pages, and then a second time using the dedicated VoIP number. This feature is similar to the traditional telephone “routes” feature, where the call goes through a series of phone numbers until it is answered. Customers are saying that this is one of the reasons that they prefer VoIP over other phone systems. VoIP call routing also offers integrated access, which lets customers use their voice and fax number to access different services on a single page.

VoIP voicemail

Another advantage that customers are citing is the ability to receive voicemail through their VoIP technology. VoIP allows companies to streamline their business communications by offering customers an inexpensive, reliable, and integrated way to store and manage their voice conversations. For businesses, this is an excellent way to ensure that employees have access to their voicemail when they want it. For customers, this means an even easier, more convenient way to stay in contact with friends and family.

Auto Attendant – Many companies offer auto-attendant services for their customers, which allows them to have an agent automatically answer their calls. In addition to being a very convenient feature, this can also help them manage and record the exact moment that a customer leaves voice mail, so that it can be automatically stored. Other features that most VoIP providers offer include automated call distribution, call screening, and the ability to block certain calls. These are just a few of the many advanced features that most VoIP providers are now offering.

Integrated Access – One of the biggest problems that businesses encounter is having to deal with long-distance and international calls. Most VoIP phones service providers are incorporating advanced call delivery features, such as HD Voice, so that customers are not forced to use long-distance carriers. HD Voice simply gives voice users a higher-quality sound to help them feel like they’re talking in the same room as the person they’re speaking with. This eliminates the need for customers to pay higher rates to receive calls that are of higher quality. Many VoIP service providers are bundling all of their services together so that customers won’t have to worry about any extra fees for these features.

Flexibility – Choosing the right VoIP service is dependent on what you’re looking for. If your business receives a lot of international traffic than you will definitely want to consider a hosted voice service. However, if your company only make local calls then you may opt for a dedicated voice phone service, which can provide you with the most flexibility. This can also help you decide whether to go with a bundled package or if you would rather work with one or two specific voip providers.

  • Aircall – If you have limited or no mobility than a free VoIP plan could prove to be a Godsend.
  • Some of the more popular VoIP providers include RocketNet, RingCentral, and the always dependable 3CX.
  • All three offer plans that feature unlimited calling minutes, free VoIP minutes, and a toll-free email address.
  • They also provide unlimited use of their advanced video features, which include streaming video, slow motion, and slide shows.
  • No matter what type of business you run, if you’re looking to save some money along the way VoIP could be the answer to your prayers.